The A B C'S of gardening, that is why I love it!

Designing flower beds or arranging your outdoor planters is always exciting when you have the selection of top grown Saskatchewan plants from Leray Gardens.

We offer a wide variety of Annual Packs ...........................
~ with lots of colors to complete your flower beds.

Alyssum, Amaranthus, Aster, Balsam, Begonia, Brwallia, Celosia, Chrysanthemum, Coleus, Cleome, Cosmos, Dahlia, Dalhberg Daisy, Dianthus, Dust Miller Silver Dust, Gazania, Gypsophilia, Heliotrope, Impatiens, Kale, Kennilworth Ivy, Lavatera, Lisianthus, Lobelia, Marigold, Mimulus, Nemesia, Nicotiana, Nolana, Pansy, Petunia, Phlox, Portulaca, Salpiglossis, Salvia, Sanvitalia, Schizanthus, Snapdragon, Statice, Stock, Strawflower, Sweetpea, Torenia, Thunbergia, Verbena, Vinca, Viola, Zinnia

Container Gardening is all about gardening in small spaces which we made easy allowing you to be more creative with the endless amount of choices available with Leray Gardens High Performance Annuals

Abuliton, Agryanthemum, Angalis, Angelonia, Asparagus Fern, Bacopa, Begonia Non-Stop, Begonia Rhine, Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Castor Bean, Coleus, Convolulus, Cuphea, Dichondra, Dahlia, Datura, Dracaena, Duranta, Fuchsia, Gaura, Gerbera, Geraniums, Glechoma, German Ivy, Millet Jade Princess, Millet Jester, Rumbrum Fountain, Hedera Ivy Gold Child, Hedera Ivy Marengo, Hedera Ivy Ralf, Helichrysum, Heliotrope, Hibiscus, Impatien, Ipomea, Lamium, Lamiastrum, Lantana, Lobelia, Lotus Vine

Take Gardening further from the color in front yards to an edible haven in the backyard with our pre-rooted veggies and such......

Broccoli Goliath, Cabbage: Coppenhagen, Early Jersey, Stonehead. Cauliflower Self Blanche, Celery Golden Boy, Cucumber: English Telegraph, Bush, Pickling, Burpless Supreme, Sweer Success, Egg Plant, Kolhrabi, Leeks American Flags, Lettuce: Romaine, Buttercrunch Onion: Kelsae Sweet Giant, Candy, Walla Walla, White Spanish, Peppers: Anaheim, Banana Sweet, California Wonder Select, Cayenne Long Thin, Golden California Wonder, Habanero Red, Hungarian Wax Hot, Jalapeno, Keystone Giant, Red Sweet, Fluo Lilac, Fluo Orange, Chocolate Beauty, Tomatillo Grande Rio Verde, Tomato: Beefstake, Bush Early Girl, Fantastic Super, Manitoba, Prairie Pride, Roma, Sub Artic Maxi, Swift, Tiny Tim, Yellow Pear, Health kick, Lemon Boy, Long Keeper, Mountain Fresh, Oxheart, Patio, President, Sun Gold, Sweet Million, Tumbler, Tumbling Tom, Black Cherry, Patio, Pumpkin Atalantic Giant, Squash: Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, Zucchini Dark Green